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LEGO Nexo Knights Season 1 Episode 3 Full Movie

The Power of Merlok

Merlok 2.0 is glitching and the knights are not able to download their Nexo powers during training. King Halbert allows the Knights to transform his RV into a rolling Fortrex. Merlok stops glitching, but when the knights need their Nexo powers in a battle with Jestro, the Knights cannot get the Nexo powers due to Merlok 2.0’s glitching and a problem with the wifi. In a final attempt to get the Nexo Knights their powers, Ava uses her Techcaliber to fully integrate Merlok into the Fortrex’s systems. Now in total control of the Fortrex, Merlok downloads the Nexo powers onto the Knight’s sheilds and they defeat Jestro.

LEGO Nexo Knights Season 1 Episode 3
Jan. 13, 2016
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