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LEGO Nexo Knights Season 1 Episode 10 Full Movie

The Might and the Magic

Aaron must figure out a plan to save all his friends. When Jestro was doubting his desire to destroy King Halbert, Beast Master feeds the Book of Badness to the Book of Monsters where it increases the badness in Jestro and the Lava Monster Army. Meanwhile, Macy has a flashback, saying that she wanted to become a knight, not being a princess all the time. Soon, she admitted to herself that she was not ready to be a knight, but was cut off by Aaron, who used his energy bow to cut the chain off of her, and retained her shield and mace back. The two then rescued Clay, who was chained on a target, getting spun around all the time. After him, they saved Axl by giving him a chain of sausages to climb up, but was unsuccessful the first time, and the second time, they succeeded. Finally, they rescue Lance, who was stuck in an animal farm, making a new friend, called Hamletta, a pig. Jestro, who was so close to victory, were stopped by the knights, and the rest sans Clay, got their NEXO Power, and the blue knight got one that was last done ages ago. When Clay got the new NEXO Power, one smash of his sword and all the monsters turned to purple dust, and he slammed his sword down again, and sent Jestro all the way out of the kingdom of Knightonia. Near the end, King Halbert apologizes to Macy, and he claims her an official NEXO Knight. Lance then gets Dennis back on one condition: Lance has to be the servant of Dennis for a week.

Mar. 24, 2016
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